Your participants leave the LAB with proven behaviors and experience-based confidence in their effectiveness.

High transferability & optimal conditions for change

Interpersonal Skills LAB starts where many methods stop: At the transfer of learning to real-life applications. With the LAB, this is always in the foreground – right from the start of a training session.

All situations, actions and emotions during the simulation cycles are always directly related to practical applications.

The behavior of the participants is measured and reviewed in each training cycle. This allows the consequences of behavioral changes to be experienced directly and personally.

This combination of direct practical relevance with the experience of consequences creates strong inner convictions about the effectiveness of the insights gained.

Such convictions maximize the likelihood of change – even if no follow-up measures are taken.

Process accelerator: Lightning-fast impact after a short training period

The highly compressed scenarios of Interpersonal Skills LAB ensure immediate and intense interaction between all participants.

Trainers report that they «get to the point» with their participants much faster with the LAB than with other methods.

Participants consistently confirm that even just 1-day training measures with the LAB result in efficiency-enhancing changes.

1 tool. 1 certification. Unlimited fields of application.

With Interpersonal Skills LAB, you and your trainers don’t need to invest exorbitant amounts of time or money in training. With just one tool, you can accelerate the learning process in the most common soft skills.

Methodical-didactic freedom

Interpersonal Skills LAB offers a variety of «Mission Sets» aimed at a wide range of industries. Trainers can create individual training recipes by combining scenarios with different levels of complexity and management structures. The LAB can be linked to any content, psychological models or personality profiles and used in combination with other exercises.

Training topics (selection):

  • Complexity
  • Leadership
  • Team development
  • Communication
  • Safety-conscious behavior
  • Agile cooperation
  • Decision-making
  • Resilience
  • Workload & stress
  • Feedback
  • Personality development

Target groups (selection):

  • Apprentices and students
  • Project managers
  • Product managers
  • Supply chain managers
  • Executives at all management levels
  • Software developers & SCRUM teams
  • Firefighters
  • Paramedics
  • Key account managers
  • Customer service & sales agents
  • Pilots & flight attendants
  • Air traffic control officers
  • Astronauts

Flexible training durations

  • From 2h to 3 days
  • Content can also be distributed over several lessons

Digital assessment provides proven behaviors

The evaluation of various behavioral dimensions directly highlights the correlations between behaviors and their consequences.

In combination with the iterative nature of the training cycles, this lets participants leave the LAB with proven behaviors – and convictions about their effectiveness.

Enthusiasm and nearly universal acceptance by the training target group

Young managers and specialists are characterized by the desire for agility and self-determination as well as constant change. They want to work on the cutting-edge – and they want their training to be cutting-edge as well. This involves an action orientation, simulations, virtual worlds, agile methods, high efficiency and an entertaining framework.

And that’s where Interpersonal Skills LAB comes in – offering a learning experience that participants will remember fondly for a long time to come.

Even non-gamers and people without an affinity for technology can become immersed in this virtual scenario as most of it takes place in the mind of the participants, and the focus is on interpersonal communication.

Task trains real teamwork – solution by single person impossible

Unfortunately, many group exercises are designed in such a way that they can also be solved by individuals. Such activities reward creative, ingenious individual achievements more than teamwork and allow individual participants to remove themselves from the exercise without negative consequences. This makes the training unrealistic and unhelpful concerning the teamwork aspect.

With its different assignments (perspectives), Interpersonal Skills LAB offers a structure that involves all essential aspects of teamwork in a realistic manner. The quality of cooperation has a direct impact on the overall result.

Low setup effort and spontaneously ready to go at any time

Using Interpersonal Skills LAB does not necessarily require previous preparation from the trainer.

The infrastructure for the simulation is set up and ready for use in just a few minutes.

This means that the LAB is ready to go out-of-the-box at any time.

Assurance: The LAB's effectiveness is scientifically proven

A study by the University of Mainz (2010) clearly demonstrated the efficacy of InterLAB. It confirmed changes in the attitudes of the participants in addition to their acquisition of cognitive knowledge and team-related behaviors.

Based on know-how from high-performance management and high-reliability organizations

Whether in aviation, fire brigade operations or agile project management, we find a wealth of experience that is highly applicable to the leadership of high-performance teams.

For over 20 years, the manufacturer NINECUBES has maintained close contact with licensees from these professional groups. The relevant findings flow into the development of Interpersonal Skills LAB and can therefore be experienced by all target groups.

For example:

  • The Human Error Module (a set of measuring instruments for determining human error according to Prof. Reason’s criteria) was developed in cooperation with Lufthansa Flight Training and the University of Innsbruck.
  • The Leadership Module was developed with the support of the Landesfeuerwehrschule Baden-Württemberg and the European Space Agency.
  • Agile paradigms and efficient working concepts have been borrowed from project management.

Playing is the only way to properly gain understanding.

Frederic Vester


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