Imagine this:

You have more capacity to implement your project management methods and projects run more smoothly.


Projects naturally unfold dynamically. Different personalities, terminologies and cultures meet. Knowledge is spread among many people. Communication and coordination become a demanding task, especially when time is short and complexity rises.

In the «LAB», important interpersonal skills are analyzed and trained under precisely these conditions.

Boost your project performance

Gain more time and capacity for important tasks

Communicate more intensively and efficiently

Help project team members to understand each other better

Stage the kick-off of your project team more insightfully

Training content

Communicating precisely and efficiently

Coordinating roles and responsibilities

Dealing with distributed knowledge

Coping with the flood of information

Being aware of the perspectives of others

Target groups

«Mission Sets» are provided for program managers, project managers and project teams from all sectors.

Duration and number of participants

Half day, full day, special formats (also own license)

6-12 participants per facilitator (German, English)

Flyers, documents and white papers for download

It is essential in agile software development that IT experts conduct target-oriented communication and that they have the ability to organize themselves into small teams. With interpersonal Skills LAB developers train these skills within realistic boundaries. Solutions are also found in the process and help to disseminate special knowledge throughout the entire team or optimize pair programming. In addition, this type of training promotes team cohesiveness in no time at all.

Cord Lindeke


Software AG


Interpersonal Skills LAB is a highly pragmatic tool to reflect actual behavior in situations that make coordination difficult, to adjust that behavior and to practice more expedient behavior. Part of sustainability is the enthusiasm, the flow experience and the consequences that are apparent immediately, such as good or bad communication. The tool is superb for supporting project kick-offs and helps project managers to avoid making the wrong decisions under stress.

Michael Löwen

Expert at Center of Competence Global Learning