Wherever people collaborate with each other, Interpersonal Skills LAB strengthens leadership and team competences.

Useful in any industry

The flexible «mission sets» have resulted in a large number of industry solutions. Wherever Interpersonal Skills LAB is used, it generates enthusiasm among trainers and participants, particularly thanks to its practical relevance – it gets to the point quickly and is infinitely more fun than compulsive role-plays and boring slide shows.

IT & telecommunications

Logistics & transportation

Aviation & spaceflight

Emergency personnel

Medicine & pharmaceutical



Production & systems engineering

Finance & insurance


Interpersonal Skills LAB is a highly pragmatic tool to reflect actual behavior in situations that make coordination difficult, to adjust that behavior and to practice more expedient behavior. Part of sustainability is the enthusiasm, the flow experience and the consequences that are apparent immediately, such as good or bad communication. The tool is superb for supporting project kick-offs and helps project managers to avoid making the wrong decisions under stress.

Michael Löwen

Expert at Center of Competence Global Learning



It is essential in agile software development that IT experts conduct target-oriented communication and that they have the ability to organize themselves into small teams. With interpersonal Skills LAB developers train these skills within realistic boundaries. Solutions are also found in the process and help to disseminate special knowledge throughout the entire team or optimize pair programming. In addition, this type of training promotes team cohesiveness in no time at all.

Cord Lindeke


Software AG


As a university specializing in health care, we had long been looking for a simulation game like the Interpersonal Skills LAB that lets human factors be superbly covered in instruction in a practical and educational way. As part of our Center for Management Simulation, the Interpersonal Skills LAB will help us to teach our students the significance of communication and teamwork as part of management behavior.

Dr. Erwin Gollner

Head of Department of Health Care Management

FH Pinkafeld, University of Applied Sciences


Our joint training of pilots and air traffic controllers attracted attention worldwide. The Interpersonal Skills LAB is the ideal tool for covering the subjects of communication, teams, decision-making, resource deployment, and conflict resolution. It allows trainees to practice interpersonal factors in a playful way in artificial as well as realistic settings. The pluses are that team performance is measured objectively and that we can adjust the exercises to fit the given objective.

Heinz Weber

Senior Captain & Project Manager CRM Training

Swiss International Airlines


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