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NINECUBES Lernmedien GmbH
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NINECUBES grants licenses for the use of interpersonal Skills LAB and trains the trainers (Train-the-Trainer, Supervision, certificate).

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Designed in Switzerland and engineered in Armenia

The success of a digital training method depends not only on precisely thought-out concepts, but also on its suitability for everyday use. For the classroom training market, the latter means user-friendliness and absolute stability in operation. Therefore NINECUBES has a cooperation with one of the most renowned software engineering companies in Armenia: Instigate Mobile has been doing the technical development of interpersonal Skills LAB since version 2. 

Armenia – the Land of Surprising IT Engineering
There is hardly a location that has such a pronounced technological spirit as Armenia. The country has been at the interface of cultural trends, intellectual thinking, groundbreaking research and incredible inventions (e.g. colour TV, ATM, oxygen mask, …and even wine!) for thousands of years. During the Soviet era, Armenia developed about 40% of all electronic products for the entire Soviet Union. Today the capital Yerevan is known as the “Silcon Valley of the Caucasus”. In addition to the pulsating tech startup scene, more and more international IT companies are settling there.

Let yourself be surprised:


The eye into space. Not far from Yerevan is the Byurakan Observatory. The astronomy centre, which was important during the Soviet era, is known for the discovery of special star clusters: The stellar associations (1947).