Imagine this:

You deliver with greater precision because complexity is handled more efficiently and fewer misunderstandings arise.


Different supply chain partners, globalization, dynamism and increasing complexity – these challenges faced in logistics and in supply chain management are growing steadily. High performance teams, effective communication and information flows are decisive factors on all management levels.

In the «LAB», important interpersonal skills are analyzed and trained under precisely these conditions.

Improve logistical performance.

Gain more time and capacity for important tasks.

Communicate more intensively and efficiently.

Help supply chain partners understand each other better.

Have fewer errors at interfaces.

Training content

Communicating precisely and efficiently

Coordinating roles and responsibilities

Dealing with distributed knowledge

Coping with the flood of information

Being aware of the perspectives of others

Target groups

«Mission Sets» are provided for all management levels and interface functions in logistics and in supply chain management.

Duration and number of participants

Half day, full day, special formats (also own license)

6-12 participants per facilitator (German, English)

Flyers, documents and white papers for download