450 additional scenario minutes

The new variants of the entry-level VENUS mission give trainers even more flexibility and offer new applications.

The exciting thing about training with interpersonal Skills LAB are the group dynamics. Here, the trainers are required to respond to the participants individually according to the situation.

Even more flexibility

From now on, trainers can adapt the VENUS introductory sequence directly to the level of the participants by cleverly selecting the subsequent mission(s).

Were the participants able to complete the first mission with ease? Then we choose a significantly higher level of difficulty for the follow-up mission.
Do the participants assume a very similar course of events for the follow-up mission? Then we run a mission with a different key event and observe what influence their assumption has on their teamwork.

New applications

By default, the VENUS mission is used 2 to 3 times in the introductory sequence. The new variants now offer the possibility of chaining many more such missions together and thus creating a variety of training applications based on the VENUS mission alone, e.g:
– Communication & situational awareness under time pressure
– Problem-solving skills in a team
– Basis for decision-making & prioritization
– Team development
– and many more…

Intergalactic outlook

The VENUS mission offers a total of 45 new variants in addition to the standard missions. Variants and exciting new events for the big missions (MARS, SATURN,…) are planned for 2024.