Test run of new missions in the virtual Spacelounge

Interpersonal Skills LAB trainers from Armenia, Australia, Brazil, Germany, UK, Poland, Switzerland evaluated an unknown mission online.

The mission turned out to be a chain of episodes consisting of (scenario-provoked) wrong assumptions, insufficient or lack of communication of important information, target fixation and intercultural challenges of international teams – with the corresponding consequences and learning potential.

During the simulation and in the debriefing, valuable insights for training implementation and learning transfer for different training contexts such as leadership, team competences, human factors, etc. emerged.

In the «virtual Spacelounges», certified interpersonal Skills LAB trainers meet regularly online and experience one or two new mission variants or experimental prototypes. Valuable impulses are generated here, from which the validation and development of new scenarios benefits on the one hand, and the trainers expand their experience on the other. It also strengthens the network and is a lot of fun.

Every trainer (e.g. with a focus on leadership, team, human factors,…) with a lot of curiosity, real team spirit, a healthy portion of courage, some affinity to technology and no fear of flying can join our excellent, international trainer network via certification.