1 year «Discovery of Nexus»

Conclusion after training sessions in Dornbirn, Geretsried, Nürnberg, Reutlingen, Rom, Schwarzenburg, Wien, Yerevan, Zürich

The add-on module «Discovery of Nexus» has been in use for over a year. The experience gained from postgraduate courses at the university, several trainer training courses, customer projects and exploration workshops with our best trainers have given us valuable insights for the final fine-tuning.

The metaphor of the scenario (the colonization of a planet) and the division of the overall task across several management levels and several operational teams was experienced by the participants as a real collaborative situation with a 3-level management structure.

All of the training sessions demonstrated very vividly how leadership works: the classic «sore points» of leadership work very quickly became apparent:

  • Which behaviors lead to problems?
  • What is particularly important when leading teams?
  • What made the leadership work particularly effective?


Benjamin Goodheart (consultant and trainer at Magpie Human Systems) puts it in a nutshell:

Participating in Discovery of Nexus highlights the areas of friction that plague every organization, but diagnosis isn’t the point. The beauty of the process lies in evolving methods and testing strategies before putting them to the test in the «real world». For leaders of any level of experience, that’s a rare opportunity.


During the exploration workshops, the trainers identified a particularly high training benefit for the following target groups:

  • Large organizations/companies
  • Leadership/management training
  • International (multicultural) companies
  • Aviation: Operation Center, Mission Control, Management
  • Organizations during a change process
  • Organizations with distributed (remote) teams
  • Operations control center
  • All emergency response organizations
  • Managers of public authorities
  • Crisis teams & crisis managers


The trainers have identified the current version as a tool for leadership development that should be embedded in a context/framework of at least 2 to 3-day measures. The use of «Discovery of Nexus» in a 1-day format is possible if the participants have trained with the regular «InterLAB» the day before (current use in university).


What are the optimization requests?
The most frequently mentioned optimization requests are aimed in particular at making training courses for commercial applications even more attractive:

  • Through 1-day training formats
  • Through missions with reduced complexity


Finetuning – what are the new features?
Over the next few months, the following additional features (i.e. in addition to the «Discovery of Nexus» features already released) will be developed:

Alternative onboarding/intro:

  • Shorter participant intro (planned approx. only 30 min. including introductory mission)
  • One role-specific intro video per participant role (e.g. Mission Control, Commander,…)
  • The introductory mission will be reduced to a minimum in terms of complexity and will include all essential cockpits in order to work collaboratively towards a common goal. This means that the introductory mission can already be used for the training context.


Shorter missions:

  • In simplified missions, the regular InterLAB is deactivated («autopilot»)
  • The simplified missions allow a faster introduction and shorter missions (approx. 15…30 min.)
  • This makes 1-day formats with 3 or more missions possible


In addition, there will be modifications to the cockpits, which will have a global impact and therefore also affect the existing «Nexus» missions. The philosophy of «Nexus» is – in contrast to the regular «InterLAB» missions – to support the participants with a user interface that is as intuitive as possible. The following optimizations will therefore be carried out:

  • RADAR: Easier operation (on/off switch is omitted, radar is automatically on)
  • PLANET: When building groups are switched off, this is clearly visualized on the map (also helps trainers with observation)
  • Report buttons: Both report buttons are synchronized and transmit all reports simultaneously (the division into 2 reports has often led to unwanted confusion)
  • and more…


As soon as we have a more precise schedule, the trainers will be informed.